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May 10

Hot and Heavy: The Pleasure Chest, West Hollywood


They enter a swanky hotel suite; she seductively crashes to the bed. Swiftly, his impact smacks into sheets of erotic embrace. The tuxedo disrobes in seconds, her dress, but an impassioned memory. Pulling away, she retrieves the Satin Love Mask from beneath the pillow, also a set of rhinestone cuffs to lock in the pleasure. He happily obliges, and then writhes, loins charged while she expresses lust via a Candy Posing Pouch. She un-cuffs him for payback, in spades. Her lingerie whisks off her curvy body and from the nightstand he reaches for JO H2O water based

I sit back carefully, pulling my fingers from…my keyboard…at my desk…my dangerous imagination gripping my right brain. And ok, I don’t see myself writing the guy’s babbling of Fifty Shades of Grey anytime soon, however sex sells…and the above items, along with loads more sell at The Pleasure Chest, West Hollywood

The one-stop-shop served as a scene in Entourage and its NYC sister-store in Sex and the City. The high-end shop is clean, orderly, and—very importantly—employs a knowledgeable, friendly and clandestinely available staff. This Los Angeles sex shop rightfully satisfies every comer: straight or gay, domination or submission, synthetic or H2O base lubricants, and attire for all. Moreover, the toys, props and bachelor/bachelorette party section shall surely churn laughs. In closing, my observation proved patrons of The Pleasure Chest use cash to pay. Because sex not only sells, it leaves a trail for those who inexplicably care. And for you in Chicago, you get to enjoy responsibly too!


The Pleasure Chest Website

The Pleasure Chest Twitter

7733 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046



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