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May 08

Faint of Heart: Fowler Museum of Cultural History at UCLA


Exercise at a museum usually encompasses stoic, statuesque pauses and compliant meandering…notwithstanding a few stairway steps at the Getty. One might ask: how could enduring more steps help a museum? In response, I think of Philadelphia Museum of Art’s steps and surrounding intellectual attractions, also, the steps to Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris. Extra steps—both vertical and horizontal—can frighten the faint of heart, but what’s that heart for, if not to pulsate vibrantly, enabling both mind and body? Find a FREE activity that stimulates both at the Fowler Museum, located in the heart of the UCLA campus.

This West Los Angeles excursion takes you on an idyllic university walk, reclaiming memories of active campus living—not your typical drive-up Los Angeles museum. For that added labor, park in Lot 5. It sits on a hilltop at the upper edge of the museum’s basin location. Manipulating several stairways and paths, twists and turns you into a serene courtyard of historic and contemporary structures alike, to Fowler’s entrance.

A staggered, 3-month exhibit-rotation makes Fowler increasingly desirable on top of its no-charge-entry and added exploratory exercise—and easier access at Lot 4. The museum’s focus of Africa, Native/Latin America, Asia and the Pacific displays a swath of variety. Currently: The Intersections, Second Skins, Pearl of the Snowlands, Japanese Pictorial Ikats, and Order and Disorder by Alighiero Boetti. Most memorable, the Boetti exhibit engages by his simple yet resounding designs, spanning fabrics, canvases and the world likewise. Let’s just say, I’ve sold you; now brave the beneficial stroll through collegial reminiscence to treasures including: Exhibitions. Future Exhibitions. Events. Collection. K-12 Education. Hours & Direction. Volunteer Opportunities. Plan Your Event.


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308 Charles E. Young Drive North Los Angeles, CA 90095



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